Fostering the bench ↔ bedside Continuum in Pain Innovation

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What if your drug-candidate had analgesic properties?
  • Comprehensive and complementary services to reveal the pain profile of your candidate.
  • Academic and private experts, bringing together their cultures towards innovation.
  • Not just results, but personalized expert advices guiding your project forward.
Need to speed up the discovery-to-clinics course?
  • One-Stop-Shop solution offering a platform of integrated services.
  • "À la carte" services, custom-tailored for your project and flexible to adapt to your results.
  •  High-level reactivity, as a result of geographical proximity of all actors. 
Wish your project to be nurtured throughout by experts?
  • A single contact dedicated to optimal coordination of your project.
  • A custom-made team fostering your project to cross critical steps of development.
  • Protocols rigorously designed to optimize regulatory acceptability.
Preoccupied by results reliability and predictability?
  • Internal R&D powering our know-how at the forefront of innovation.
  • A platform built on cutting-edge equipment and facilities.
  • Validated protocols for relevant and predictable results.